There is an unmet need by COPD patients to overcome breathlessness rapidly. Our technology fills this void by offering the first adequate solution to overcome breathlessness.

Aetherus applies bi-level positive airway pressure (BiPAP) in a (handheld) portable non-invasive ventilator (pNIV), which is battery-powered and can be taken anywhere. It’s functionality to provide rapid relief of dysnpoea combined with portability enables COPD patients to be mobile and engage in (outdoor) activities. The device requires no training to be used effectivity, and as it is non-pharmaceutical, it does not have the side effects associated with these medicines. It can be used at will and as frequently as desired.

The premise be used at will is an important feature. Because COPD is uncurable, irreversible and usually progressive, treatments are actually methods to manage the disease in the long run and require adherence and loyalty which may be hard to comply with. Our solution’s effectivity does not depend on loyalty. It provides immediate results, from its first usage and onwards. It empowers the COPD patient to take control of the symptom of breathlessness when needed, and not as a prophylaxis.

Having previous experience with the process of bringing medical devices to the market, Ton-Tijn knows first-hand what it means to make a life-changing difference in a patient’s life. He believes that by investing in this invention, we can bring a vital product that is currently missing to all COPD patients.

Three randomised trials have resulted in significant clinical evidence and patient-reported benefits of the device, including a steep reduction in dyspnoea recovery time and increased confidence. The results show that using the device leads to less fear and more physical activity in COPD patients. Users endorse the device and recommend its use to other COPD patients. The device is recommended for use as an adjunct to pulmonary rehabilitation.